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Raffi Anderian


Raffi Anderian is an artist and illustrator, best known for his award-winning artwork for the Toronto Star Newspaper. Raffi has received dozens of national and international awards. Over 1200 of his illustrations are designated cultural property and in the permanent collection of the Library Archives Canada for their significant contribution to Canadian culture. Raffi is a graduate of Sheridan College in 1985, where he was top of his class. In 1988, at age 24, he was the youngest person to win the coveted National Newspaper Award for Editorial Cartooning.

Raffi moved to Richmond Hill from downtown Toronto in 2002 with his young family to a home with a studio. Here he started painting landscapes in oils. He has traveled coast to coast throughout Canada, producing paintings ranging in size from small oil sketches on the panel to larger works in oil on canvas. In 2006 he started painting scenes of downtown Toronto to share them with Toronto Star readers who responded with calls seeking to obtain prints of the artwork. Thus a monthly feature, ‘Raffi‘s Toronto’ was born, which went on to sell thousands of art prints and yearly calendars.

Raffi looks forward to sharing his versatile knowledge and vast experience with students at Art One Academy starting April 1st, 2019. He will be teaching drawing, painting and art mentorship.