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Art Classes


Art Combo 1

Ages 4-6
Art Combo 1 is a unique opportunity to develop the artistic and creative skills of the youngest students. Children have a natural desire to create. Our Art Combo 1 class is designed to help...Read more

Art Combo 2

Ages 7-9
Our Art Combo 2 class helps children between the ages of 7 and 9 refine their artistic approach while still taking joy in exploring the beauty of art and their own creativity. We will...Read more

Art Combo 3

Ages 10-12
In Art Combo 3 class, we engage with higher-level techniques while emphasizing the connection between creativity and academics through the study of art history. As children become more developed as artists, they need to...Read more

Art Combo Teens

Ages 13+
Art Combo Teens class guides students to create and understand increasingly more complex works of art, all while ensuring their imaginative spirit remains intact. As children get older, they are ready to integrate more...Read more

Character Design

Ages 7-12
In Character Design for Comics and Animation course, students will learn the structure of figure drawing and create a range of characters unique to them. Students will practice outfitting each character with costumes, equipping...Read more


Ages 10-18
Our Portfolio course is tailored to the needs of students who are ready to apply to art-related university programs, including fine art, graphic design, animation, and architecture. In this class, we focus on improving...Read more