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About Us

Why come to Art One Academy?
Children showing their work


Art One Academy has made a name for itself as the premiere provider of art classes, art camps, and arts-centric birthday parties in the area.

We strictly employ professional artists with a minimum of a BA in Fine Arts, chosen based on their enthusiasm for their field, the dynamism in the classroom, and their ability to work with children. Our academy is innovative, caring, and vibrant, helping students of all ages and abilities reach their full potential.

Our overarching goal is to craft an environment where students feel safe and empowered in their creative explorations, striving for professional quality while also retaining their personal style. We begin with the fundamentals of art and build on this base all the way to crafting professional portfolios that can be used for the university application process.

Benefits of Choosing Art One Academy For Your Child



Incredible Facilities

We have three large, bright, fully equipped studios. We stock them with high-grade, age-appropriate materials that are certified safe. And because our studios are large, parents are welcome to stay. Siblings can attend classes at the same time.


Diverse Courses

Our team develops programs that are scaffolded to allow students to maintain their forward momentum as artists while also exploring a wide variety of medium and media.


Multidisciplinary Skills

As students work on their art, they will develop skills they can apply elsewhere in life, from improved concentration to presentation skills.

With a teacher at summer art camp
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Children working independently in class



Small Class Sizes

Getting the most out of a class means having the chance to work directly with the instructor. In large classes, this is not possible. That is why we keep our enrollment to no more than eight students, with many classes having just four children per instructor.


Tailored to Children

While we do bring academics into our courses, we know that the key to nurturing joy in art is keeping it fun. For every element of theory we bring into our lessons, we make certain to apply it multiple times in hands-on, challenging ways.


Portfolio Assistance

Students who are looking to make art their career need to have a polished and impressive portfolio to gain entrance into the best university programs. We help our high school students create portfolio-worthy projects as well as catalogue them in a way that makes the application process easy.


Public Exhibitions

When students create with us, we do not confine their projects to the classroom. Our students frequently exhibit their art publicly, gaining encouraging feedback and even winning awards for their creations.

A birthday party at Art One Academy

Whether  students are looking to make a career out of art or just want the chance to dabble with their favorite hobby, we are confident that our classes will help them realize their goals. For more information, give us a call or stop by our studio.