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What To Expect During Your Free Trial Class

You’ve booked your child’s trial class with us – now what?

Naturally, you may have some questions or concerns regarding our programs; and we’d like to take this opportunity to enlighten you on what to expect when you come into our studio.


Our art programs are structured and do follow a curriculum, however, also allow for the students to be creatively expressive when it comes to each and every project. We love using different mediums for each project, and to have our students willingly express and have fun! For each project, usually a new technique is learned and also practiced before moving onto the other steps of the project.


Our classes have a limit of six students to one instructor for our Art Combo 1 and 2 classes; our Art Combo 3 and Teens have a limit of eight students. With our small class sizes, whether your child is a beginner or who has some experience, this allows for our instructors to allow enough attention for each student. This lets us to see where your child’s strengths are and which skills he or she can sharpen in the future.


Art can be fun & messy! Please remember to dress your child casually & comfortably. We have wonderful studio coordinated aprons for our students to use in the studio, too. Although, going back to the first point, we would like to stress to please dress your child in “painting” or “art” clothes!

Our instructors will ensure that your child will have started and completed a special project by the time the class is over. This gives your child the sense of accomplishment within that class and a finished beautiful art work. At the end of the class, the instructor can tell you how your child has done in their class, what steps went into creating such an artwork, as well as any other feedback the instructor may have.

At Art One Academy, we thrive off of making each and every single student feel welcomed and comfortable, and in the case for younger students, they may be nervous because they have never attended an art class or you may want to check in with them to see how they’re doing.

Don’t fret! Feel free to wait in our lovely office area, and peek through the glass doors whenever you’d like!

However, you can also direct any of your questions or concerns to one of our administrators — they will be more than happy to fill you in. After your child has completed his or her trial class, we can work together to find a suitable art class that meets your child’s schedule. We usually have a few options to choose from, and you may even join the class your child has done your trial in.

Hoping to see your smiling faces soon!

Art One Team