Art Portfolio: Don’t Delay to Develop It!

The importance of a good portfolio in the art world cannot be under-estimated.  Decisions regarding admission to universities and prestigious art colleges will be based upon the student’s portfolio.  It is also what potential employers will consider when deciding which applicants they will employ.  Finally, portfolios are also used by galleries when considering the content of their exhibitions.  For these three reasons, a good portfolio is essential for an artist’s success.

Creating a good portfolio which accurately represents your skills and creates a good impression is your key to success in the admission process into prestigious art schools. The first step in creating a good portfolio is to consider what people are looking for when they view a portfolio.  Try to see as many examples of other artist’s portfolios as possible and ask for advice from people who have already been through this process.  The teaching staff at Art One Academy are experienced in portfolio development and they will be able to assist you in assembling an excellent portfolio.  Art One Academy offers a big variety of art classes for every level and age.  Taking those classes will help you to diversify your portfolio and explore your artistic interests.

It is important to remember that your portfolio is not only a representation of your artwork.  It is also a representation of you as an artist, and your attitude.  It gives the viewer an insight into your world and an idea of how seriously you wish to be taken as an artist.  A well-organized and considered portfolio indicates that you are serious about art and committed to succeeding.

A major consideration when assembling your portfolio is the editing. It is sometimes very difficulty to be objective about your own artwork and to view your collection impartially.  This is where the objectivity of a professional artist or someone else whose opinion you respect becomes important.  Another person who is distanced from your work is able to appraise it in different way and will be able to offer helpful advice.

Another important factor is that your portfolio should not be static.  It should be continually updated and refreshed in order to reflect your progression and development as an artist. Portfolios should also be modified and personalized depending on the specific purpose.  A portfolio designed for university admission will be quite different from one that is being used to promote your work to a gallery.

It is a good idea to research the school, employer or gallery that you are sending your portfolio to, and to personalize it for that purpose.  For example, if a school focuses on one particular style then include examples of your work in that style.  Or if a gallery consistently exhibits work on a particular theme then align your portfolio with that topic.

A good portfolio is essential for progression as a professional artist.  It is vital that artists commit a lot of time to putting together a portfolio that represents their skills and technique. Portfolios also convey that the artist is a serious and committed artist.  Portfolios are the method by which schools and colleges select their students, galleries select their exhibits and employers select their staff.  It is impossible to succeed as a professional artist without a good portfolio.

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