Art Portfolio Preparation & Development Art Class

Our teachers are able to provide invaluable assistance for higher level students who are in the process of preparing their portfolios. We understand that a unique and interesting portfolio is vital for admittance to prestigious art schools, colleges and universities and we are happy to support our students through this process.

If you decided to start your career in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Animation, Architecture, or any other fields related to Visual Arts and apply to college and university programs specializing in your field you need to study the admission requirements.  Although it may vary slightly for different schools, there are two major factors contributing to your success at being accepted to a program of your choice. These factors are: overall academic average and portfolio assessment.

Here at Art One Academy we provide art lessons designed to increase student’s skill level in disciplines such as: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Design. We also acknowledge the importance of Art History and Contemporary Art Practice in our learning environment.

Our instructors are professional artists who achieved excellence in their fields of studies and earned degrees from major art institutions across Canada, US and Russia. We strive to innovate our visual arts program, perfect our own practice and offer mentorship to our students and community at large.

In this course students will have the opportunity to develop a strong portfolio for admission to renowned college and university programs. This process will involve working with a variety of subject matter using various media such as pencil drawing, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, and others. The objective is to create a range of works that demonstrate the student’s artistic skills. This might alternate depending on which program or programs the student is applying to.


Class Duration: 2 hours. To meet deadlines of our students we take registrations at any time throughout the year.


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