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Art One Academy Markham Spring Term 2022 Safety Protocol and Procedures

  • calendarJune 8, 2022
  • Posted by Rita in News

As safety and health of our students and instructors remains our top priority, Art One Academy Markham implements the following safety measurements:

All staff and students must self-screen every day before they come to our studio. You may use next COVID-19 Screening Tool. If a student or staff member is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, which can be found on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website: COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms , they must stay home and should seek testing and appropriate medical attention. Face covering is optional.

  • Pick up and Drop off limited contact 

Limit to one parent/guardian when accompanying students to the door.

  • Students limit and allocation            

All groups are located in separate rooms (Red Room, Blue Room and Yellow Room) with up to 6-8 students per room.

  • Emergency Room 

A designated space is available for students and staff. 

  • Personal Hygiene and Studio Sanitizing 

Each room will be equipped with hand sanitizers and napkins. Staff is responsible to ensure that students are practicing proper hygiene, and wash hands when coming to the class.

We will sanitize tables, art supplies, kitchen and washrooms during the day as frequently as needed. 

No smocks or aprons will be used. Students should dress in something they don’t mind getting dirty or bring their own apron.  Art Materials will be disinfected after/before each class. AC3 and Teens students must use their own brushes. Bring your own or buy from us.

We wish each student to have a safe and positive experience at Art One Academy Markham.