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Why our kids get better grades at school?

Participation in regular art classes is an enjoyable and creative activity for children.  They acquire artistic knowledge and skills which will assist them if they want to pursue a career in an artistic field.  Additionally, children who attend art classes experience many other benefits for children that aren’t directly related to art.  Art lessons equip students with a multi-dimensional skill set that can then be attributed to all other school subjects.

The skills and abilities that students pick up in art classes assist them in many ways that are not always obvious.  Studies have consistently proven that students who attend art classes generally have better focus and achieve better results in all school subjects.  They generally perform better, get on better with their classmates and have less behavioral problems.

Some of the less obvious benefits of taking art classes are outlined below:

  • Concentration and attention to detail. Completing an art project requires an intense amount of focus and concentration.  This is a skill that many children struggle to develop given the high amount of constant distractions in modern life.  Being able to dedicate full attention to a problem or assignment is an important skill that can be applied to all school subjects.
  • Improved public speaking, communication and presentation skills.  When a student takes art classes their work is often exhibited to other people for feedback.  The student may need to explain their artwork to other people and describe their creative process.  This experience improves their ability to speak in public and to present their opinions confidently and persuasively.  This skill will be of huge assistance in subjects that involve presentations or debating.
  • Hand eye co-ordination. Art generally requires a steady hand and refined motor skills.  This is a valuable skill that is transferable to other endeavors such as sport.
  • History and Geography.  Understanding artistic styles and mediums will give students an increased awareness of historical and cultural factors prevalent at various times throughout human history.  Students can also use their passion for art to assist them in learning about these subjects.  Some students learn better when seeing the information visually.  For art lovers, presenting academic information through art may assist them in recalling the important facts.
  • Tolerance and uniqueness.  When children take part in art classes they are invariably introduced to other artists with a wide range of styles. Art is often an intensely personal experience and everyone has a different idea of what art is appealing to them.  It is important for students to develop their own preferences, however they also need to learn to respect the artistic styles and preferences of other artists.  This is an important social skill that students will carry with them throughout their life.

Art classes benefit students in many ways.  The programs taught in art schools, such as Art One Academy, equip students with a multi-dimensional skill set that can be applied to all other school subjects.  Art classes also assist in developing the student’s personality and attitude in a way that encourages respect for others and healthy communication skills.