Watercolor Painting by Alan

Here is a watercolor painting done by Alan Rutherford.  Alan teaches Watercolor Painting Class at Art One Academy. Please check with us if you would like to join one of Alan’s class.

Title: Sir Norman of Baldwin Street
Medium: Watercolour
Print Size: 91/2in x 71/2in

sirnormanimageSir Norman’s life began simply in a hamlet just north of Barrie Ontario Canada. When the king decided to relocate his throne to the metropolis of Toronto, Norman was aghast what would all his loyal subjects and damsels think? To some Norman’s castle appeared to be a barn but of course these were people who had no sense of Sir Norman’s stature in the daily lives of his entourage. Unfortunately what Sire wants Sire gets and Norman was obliged to follow his King.

The young lord soon acclimatized himself to his new estate and quickly became the toast of Baldwin Street. Every day people would come from far and wide to bestow affections upon the dashing young royal.

One day the King decided to return to his old kingdom for a visit and requested that Sir Norman accompany him. Norman thought it would be wonderful to see his old loyal subjects once again. When he arrived at the estate there was no red carpet welcome, to his astonishment it was as if he had never held any sway in the palace whatsoever! Norman persuaded his King that there was no reason for him to remain, as the loyalty of his people now was in the hearts of the commoners of Baldwin Street.
Thus the King returned and the people to this very day continue to shower Sir Norman with heartfelt affection. Long may he reign!