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The Best Age to Begin Visual Art Lessons

poline-4Many parents often ask: “What age is best for my child to begin art classes?”  The simple answer to this question is that it is never too early to introduce children to the artistic world of creativity, color and expression.  Furthermore, there is clear evidence to suggest that attending art classes assists in a child’s development and provides a wide range of benefits that will help them throughout their life.

Some art schools, including Art One Academy, accept students from the age of four upwards.  Children under the age of four generally lack the motor skills and attention span required for a learning environment.  At times, the best age to start a child in art classes will depend on the specific child´s personality and this will be a question for their parents and art school teachers to consider. Exceptions can be always made for three year old child, trial class in this case, would be a good idea.

Art One Academy has a specially designed art classes for small children which deals with the theory of color, drawing and sculpture.  The most important characteristics of art programs that are designed for children are that they are entertaining, interesting and stimulating.  It is vital that classes are an enjoyable experience for the child and that they are able to develop their personal creativity.  If the child is introduced to art is a positive environment then they are more likely to continue with it and it will be an enjoyable aspect of their entire life to come.

sonya-4Studies and anecdotal evidence have both concluded that attending art classes provides many benefits for children. Where creativity is nurtured and developed at an early age then it has a greater opportunity of blossoming and becoming something that the child will excel at and even be able to consider as a career option.

Art has also been proven to assist in a child´s concentration level and attention span.  When a child is engrossed in an art project their focus is intense.  They are not distracted by external elements like television or games.  Developing this level of concentration will assist in other areas of life where a significant amount of focus is required.

Attending art classes will have children interacting with other students and teachers of all ages.  They will be exposed to creative people who can introduce them to various artistic mediums and styles.  This opens up many new social possibilities as well as developing the child’s communication and social skills.

The importance of encouragement and praise should also not be overlooked in the development of a young person’s personality.  Children feel a huge sense of accomplishment when they complete an artwork.  When they are congratulated for their efforts they receive a boost to their confidence levels and self-esteem.

This article has focused on the benefits of starting art classes at a young age, however rest assured that if you are an adult and you are thinking of taking up art classes, it is never too late either! Many people discover art later in life and this can also be incredibly rewarding and successful.  Art One Academy has classes suitable for all ages and abilities – it is never too early or late to make art part of your life!