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Summer Camp 2022 Richmond Hill

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During our 9 weeks of Summer Camp young artists will use lots of new creative techniques to make beautiful artworks that everyone will enjoy! Campers start the day with an exploration of a specific discipline, ranging from drawing and sketching to sculpture and painting. Experienced art instructors, exciting art projects, and a fun atmosphere will surely make this an unforgettable experience! We have planned interesting themes and fantastic art projects every week. Young artists will be using their imagination and exploring diverse materials and techniques. They will be staying fit with Creative Movement exercises while making new friends. 

Online registration is now available!

Full Day Option: $390 per week

(Full Day: 9 am – 4 pm)

Half day Option: $250 per week

(Half Day: 9 am – 12 pm or 1 pm – 4 pm)

Extended Hours: $10 per hour per child

(8am to 9am or/and 4pm to 6pm)

A 5% sibling discount will be applied for the second and the third children. If you register for more than 1 full week (9am – 4pm), a $20 discount will be given for each additional week (promotion is valid till April 30, 2022). 

 The theme of this summer for the Senior group (ages 8 and up) is Exploring art  around the world. Every week of our camp will consist of a number of art projects including painting with acrylic or watercolour, drawing and sculpting. Some well-known and not as famous yet artworks will be studied. Art history and styles of various art movements will be learned and practiced. Children will participate in group and individual fun activities. 

Below are the themes for the junior students age (4-7)

1st  WEEK (July 4th- 8th)
Animals and their habitats
Animals live everywhere on earth, in every kind of terrain and type of climate. A habitat is where an animal lives and creates a home. This week students will learn about the various animals around the world and their habitats. Each day, we will be exploring different animals, such as bears, birds, reptiles and tigers. This week will consist of fun projects where students will gain a better understanding of animal’s environments and characteristics.
2nd  WEEK (July 11th- 15th)
Art and Children’s Literature
Picture books are a great way to educate students about drawing and stories! This week, students will be reading a number of children’s literature which display traditional works of art. The classes will combine the knowledge of art available in picture books with references to art masterpieces of the world around them. By having students relate to illustrations and artwork found in books, it will allow them to make deeper connections in their own lives.
3rd  WEEK (July 18th- 22nd)
Art One Colour Lab
Step  into the wonderful world of bright colours! Our Art Lab week will give you the opportunity to experiment with acrylics, watercolours, pastels, and printmaking. Students will master mixed media techniques and much more. 
4th  WEEK (July 25th- 29th)
Art & Design: Make It, Wear It, Use It! 
Art is all around us, through the clothes we wear and the objects we use. This is the kind of art we’ll be creating together, as we try our hand at tons of different projects! Explore a variety of painting and design techniques. We’ll make journals, puppets, masks, wallets, toys, fantasy costumes and much more… The sky’s the limit! Join us this session and learn all about art. You’re able to take your creations home with you at the end of the class, to give as gifts or to enjoy! 
5th WEEK (August 2nd- 5th)
Fairy tales-visual stories of creatures and *magic*
Come and have fun with the fairy tales theme! This week we will explore classic fairy tales, folk stories and legends from around the world. These stories will help children learn valuable life lessons. By telling fairy tales, students foster their imagination and creativity. Each teller makes personal changes to suit their personality. We will be looking into fairies, elves, trolls, dwarfs, giants, and other fantastical creatures. 
6th  WEEK(August 8th- 12th)
Exploring Art Around the world
It is important to observe and welcome art from all cultures. The world is a colourful place through different languages, skin colours, and heritages. To develop an appreciation for other cultures around the globe, we will dive deeper into historical techniques used to create powerful pieces. Through looking into and exploring other cultures, we will allow students to observe the way people live and gain appreciation for many diverse lifestyles. 
7th  WEEK (August 15th- 19th)
Famous Artists and their subject
Throughout history, many renowned artists have changed the way we perceive art. This week, students will be introduced to many famous artists and the pieces they developed. We will explore different mediums, subject matter, and styles which famous artists have mastered to use and explore. 
8th  WEEK(August 22nd- 26th)
Art and Children’s Literature
Students will be introduced to a number of well-known children’s literature and foster their imagination through their own illustrations. The classes will combine the knowledge of art available in picture books with references to both art masterpieces and the popular art of the world around them.
9th  WEEK (August 29th- September 2nd) The best projects of past summersChildren will go back in time to recreate previous Summer Camp’s most loved projects! During this week, students will paint and draw using different media: acrylic, watercolour, oil and soft pastel and creating collages. This allows us to cherish our favorite pieces and make summer camp a time to remember.


 Thank you for your interest in Art One Academy and we look forward to creating with you!

Warm wishes,

Art One Team