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Questions and Answers about the Comics and Animation

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Comics and Animation program. Please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know about our Comics and Animation classes, and keep watching for more information as the program continues to evolve.

Q: The class is called “Animation”, so does that mean it’s about
making drawings that move?

A: The animation industry is a multifaceted business. Drawing actual animation, as in moving images, is an incredibly labor-intensive and time consuming skill that is only one part of the entire animation process. The lessons in the Comics and Animation program focus more on
the creative design aspect, while giving students solid illustration skills and helping them develop good drawing habits. What they learn
in these lessons are techniques that are used not only in several aspects of the animation industry, but are also a part of Comic Books, Video Games, children’s books, movies, and more.

Q: Will using color be a part of the program? Do I need to buy
anything special to colour with?

A: Using color is its own special skill that will be covered in specific lessons, but not everyday. The early lessons are more focused towards building better drawing skills and not creating finished colored images. When there are lessons on using color, no extra materials should be necessary. For those who are really excited about using colour, keep an eye out for our Colour Techniques for Comics and Anime class, where color will be on the menu every day!

Q: Do these classes have anything to do with Japanese Anime?

A: Yes! Several lessons of the “Character Design for Comics and Animation” program are designed to work for budding illustrators of
all types, including those who enjoy anime. If you would prefer to be a part of a class that exclusively focuses on anime, request the
“Japanese Anime and Manga” program when you sign up and, if there is enough interest, a class will be put together especially for anime fans!

Q: Is there a program for younger kids?

A: Yes there is! A special hour-long program called “Cartooning for Kids” is available for children under 7. This will be a fun drawing
program in a no-pressure environment that will get kids excited about drawing and creating characters and introduce them to some great
drawing techniques. Please speak to us if you have any questions.



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