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Open House & Registration Dates

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Questions about Trial class:

Can I come for a free trial class?

Unfortunately, we don’t have free trial classes, however, you may choose to pay for one class before formal registration.


How do I reserve a trial class? Do I have to pre-pay for it?

Please call us or email us to check the availability and to book your trial class. Although we don’t require a pre-payment for a trial class, we ask you to come at least 5 minutes earlier to fill out the registration form and pay the fees. Students are not allowed in the class until their fees are paid.


Can I just sit in the class and observe?

You are welcome to stay in the reception area and pick in through the glass doors; however,  you are not allowed in the studio since it is disruptive for our students and instructors.

If you have more questions please visit our FAQs page

Please choose your class from our SCHEDULE and

Fees will be prorated


Our instructors will be happy to talk to you and answer all your questions.

The Art One Academy is the perfect space to develop artistic style, knowledge and personal creativity.

Some of the benefits that we offer to our students include:


  • Wonderful facilities!

We have three large, bright studios which are perfectly suited to creative expression. Our studios are conveniently located at the intersection of Leslie Street and Highway 7, across from Times Square in Richmond Hill, ON.

  • Diverse programs!

Our art programs have been developed to cater for students of all ages (over 4) and abilities.

  • Professional teachers!

All teachers at Art One Academy are experienced professional artists or educators.

  • Kids programs!

We make sure that young children´s introduction to art is interesting and informative. Our children´s program covers the theory of color, drawing and sculpture. Kids are encouraged to develop their artistic talent while being given a solid foundation for their future artistic endeavors.

  • Small class sizes!

This means that students will always receive individual attention, and that their progress and artistic development is closely monitored by staff. We also encourage high school students with an art major to work as teacher assistants in order to provide an even greater level of attention to younger students

  • Public exhibitions!

Our students regularly participate in art exhibitions. They receive encouraging feedback and rewards for art work that they exhibit.

  • Secondary benefits!

Our students have reported experiencing additional benefits in other areas of their lives not necessarily related to art. These include improved concentration and results in other school subjects, a rise in personal confidence and presentation skills, and a new appreciation of history.

  • Career Opportunities!

There is an extensive range of career options available for people who choose art as a profession. At the Art One Academy we assist our students in developing the skills required to realize their ambitions.