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Online Classes with Dylan Glassford

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That’s right, an art program all about drawing anime! The amazing art styles and beloved characters found in Japanese animation have captured people’s imaginations for decades, and anime imagery can be found all over the world. Now, put the power of anime in your hands with Art One’s how to draw Anime program.

In this spectacular online class, students will learn how to add that anime influence into their own artwork. Unlock the secrets of authentic anime art and come up with your own anime style! Draw expressive faces and design costumes as you develop your original storyline with anime flair. Plus, we’ll talk about the history and culture of anime as we discover what makes it so special.

With anime being such a popular theme among young people, it has naturally become a big reason why many start drawing. This program is all about encouraging young artists to use their interest in anime as a way toward becoming a more knowledgeable and skilled artist.

How to Draw Cool Stuff!

A spectacular new drawing program with a focus on everything cool! We’re talking Super Heroes, Monsters, Cartoons, Aliens, Robots, Anime, Dragons, and more. Our students will learn valuable drawing skills and gain experience with creative thinking as they expand their imagination while exploring the coolest stuff!

The lessons in this course will springboard our students into a larger art world by focusing on famous fun themes from popular culture. They will find the art in the things they love and get inspired to come up with their own new ideas as they start creating amazing illustrations. Our cool artists will be introduced to fundamental art techniques and concepts that are used in industries like Film, Video Games, Toys, Comic Books, and Animation. No prior drawing experience is necessary. This program is designed so that each lesson has its own new topic and project. Anyone can join in at any time, as long as they love cool stuff!

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 Digital Art

In today’s high-tech world, knowing how to use a computer is a necessity. This is true for artists as well, with digitally-produced art being seen in almost every industry, from advertising, entertainment, product design, and everything in between.

This exciting Digital Art course is made to introduce young artists to the ways computers can be used as helpful tools in creating artwork. Using freely available online tools and software, our students will learn about using different brushes, image sizes, textures, selections, blending, text, and more as they create fun projects inspired by abstract art, graphic design, illustration, comic book colouring, and even classic video games!

Exploring Digital Art will help expand a child’s experience with using computers and help them understand what computers are capable of as they learn more about the use of colours, shapes, and lines in all forms of art.

All lessons will require nothing more than a computer with a mouse and keyboard. There is no additional equipment or software to buy! A perfect class for everyone who loves computers and art!

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