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Meet our Summer camp 2022 teacher at Richmond Hill location

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Meet our art teachers for Summer 2022!

Art One Academy offers exclusive specialty art camps during the Summer and March Break. The program is tailored for those students who wish to expand their art experience this summer! The camp will enlighten you on a variety of mediums and subjects.

We hire professionals with many years of experience who are truly committed to helping children develop a positive sense of self-esteem. Our teachers work side-by-side with your child to help them get in touch with their innate creativity, to improve artistic skills, and to build a positive community during camp. During summer 2022, both junior and senior groups will be taught by our instructors Mrs. Anna, Ms. Elena, and Mr. Brendon.

Elena Yim (Junior group)

Elena Yim graduated from OCAD in the Drawing and Painting Department, participating in the Florence Off-Campus Program. Elena’s practice involves sketching, painting, and photography. She mainly paints with oils, acrylics, and inks. Furthermore, she finds pleasure in teaching children and believes a child’s self confidence develops through stimulation, trust, exploration, and dialogue. In her opinion, art making is not only about pretty pictures, but thinking outside the box, delving into one’s imagination, and learning throughout the creative process. It is a skill to be used in everyday life. Her love for art and her interest in working with children lead her to Art One Academy, a great combination of both interests. You may see Elena’s art work through the link below: Elena Yim | Art One Academy

Anna Khokhlova (Senior group)

Anna’s art education started at the Irkutsk Art College where she specialized in Decorative-Applied Arts and Folk Crafts. Over the past two decades, Anna pursued a dual career path – working as an art instructor and illustrator. She is helping children understand textures, shapes, and colors and develop their artistic skills by cultivating creative expression. She paints and draws daily, and continues to be dedicated to the development of her independent art practice. You may see Anna’s art work through the link: Anna Khokhlova | Art One Academy

Brendon Polley (Senior group)

As an artist and educator,  Brendon cares deeply about the value of an education in the arts. His philosophy of teaching is anchored by a personal goal to be a lifelong learner, to consistently be improving and evolving his pedagogy through self-reflection, acting as a guide while also being a listener, and leading as a role model in and out of the classroom. After six years at the Ontario College of Art and Design University his heart became set on a career teaching the creativity of art and language to students of all ages. Brendon’s love for the arts has driven him to explore several mediums including water-based paints, sculpting, wood, collage, crafting with recyclable materials and sketching. Through personal engagement with teachers and students, it has become his passion to spread the knowledge and ideas he is continuously collecting. You may see Brendon’s art work through the link below: Brendon Polley | Art One Academy