Math programs are taught by Michael Iskander.

Michael is a graduate from the University of Waterloo and holds a B. Sc. in Biomedical Sciences.

His passion for instructing started as early as 16 when he was teaching swimming lessons at Milliken Mills in Markham and Angus Glen. Teaching has been a help throughout his high school years and during university as he has tutored many students through the years.  Michael is very passionate about teaching and it became his career now.

Michael believes that students are able to learn not only through instruction, but also through discovery and real life examples; asking questions to stir up some educational conversation where all the learning happens.


 – Angles & Geometry

– Algebra

– Position & Displacement

– Fundamental Arithmetic

– Data Management, Probability & Statistics



Start Date: September 12

Duration: 19 weeks, 1 hr class
Fees: $18 class ($362 per term) 


RH NORTH (Bayview)