Sneak Peek into Lloyd’s Classroom!

We’re delighted to provide you with an exclusive look into Lloyd’s classroom here at Art One Academy! Lloyd is currently teaching Art Combo 2, 3, Teens and Portfolio.

Lloyd’s expertise in many media, combined with his infectious passion for art, allows him to appeal to a wide range of students. He has taught individuals ranging from kindergarten to graduate school, as well as adult learners, from all cultural backgrounds across the GTA.
We sat down with him to get a quick Q&A to learn about what we can expect from his classes. Read on below…
Q1: What do you hope for your students to take away from participating in your classes?
A1:The beginning of a lifelong love to draw and paint and make the world around them a more colourful place to live.

Q2: What is something your students would say about you as a teacher at Art One?
A2: Tough, yet fair, gentle and kind. Challenging them constantly and expecting their best in every art work.

Q3: What do you enjoy about teaching and what do you feel is most rewarding about being an art teacher?
A3: I love being around kids… and to be able to teach them my favourite subject ART, it does not get any better than that.

Q4: How would you describe your style of teaching, particularly in art?
A4: I am a perfectionist, so I like to see each of my students every art piece to be as perfect as possible.

Q5: You also teach the Character Design program; what is unique about Character Design?
A5: Character Design is all about observing and creating imaginative characters from everyday life situations, people and things. Kids are funny, observant and have great imaginations. I encourage and help kids to develop strong drawing skills, so they can tell their own funny stories and create their own characters.

Lloyd’s teaching objective is simple: he wants to give his students the chance to experience the same love of art that has shaped his own life. For Lloyd, teaching art is never dull. Seeing a student express their own unique creativity is always a fresh, rewarding and satisfying moment.

Come and experience one of Lloyd’s classes for yourself! We hope to see you for our Fall term as class times and days are filling up quickly!

Artworks from Lloyd Pierce’s Art Combo class


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