Artist Hopes to Reach People Spiritually

We are happy to share the article about our Instructor Janna Finkel published in The Jewish Tribune -July 9, 2009- 11.

Shlomit Kriger
Tribune Correspondent

artshowinageTORONTO – Local visual artist Janna Finkel, 26, is stretching audiences’ imaginations through her latest exhibits. Finkel, a multifaceted artist influenced by symbolist, impressionist, and surrealist styles, has three oil paintings featured as part of a collective artists exhibit at downtown’s Gallery Hittite. Two of the paintings, titled ‘Conflicting Sensations’ and ‘No Strings Attached,’ explore the relationship between music and nature as inspirational sources. Researching how artists in the 17th century derived inspiration for their works, Finkel discovered that many would play musical instruments. Since Finkel also listens to music through her creative process, she decided to link this to her paintings. “The people in the paintings are holding instruments and are introspective and in their own world, and the work is on a symbolic level,” she said.

The third painting, In the Garden, is part of a body of Finkel’s works titled ‘The Garden Series,’ portraying women in imaginary gardens. These paintings are based on Finkel’s admiration of gardens she saw
during her travels in Paris last year. “Although my paintings are imaginary and a tad surreal, they come from areas in my subconscious – places I’ve been to [Paris, Florence, Rome], places I grew up in [Moscow, Jerusalem, Toronto] – and their relationship to my identity,” she explained. Finkel earned a Fine Arts degree from York University before completing a Master’s of Art History degree from Queen’s University last year.

Throughout the last several years, she has exhibited her paintings at various galleries and outdoor shows across the Greater Toronto Area, and she donated some of her works to charities for use in silent auctions. Her paintings can also be found in public and private collections in Canada and Europe. Born in Russia and having moved with her family to Israel before arriving in Canada in 1997, Finkel has always held on to her Jewish identity and background and finds it often plays some role in her art, even if only in subtle ways. She also teaches at colleges and provides private art lessons for budding painters.

“I hope to continue creating and teaching art and, through my artwork, spiritually touch people in some way,” she said. “That’s always a great feeling for an artist.”
Finkel’s paintings can be viewed at Gallery Hittite at 107 Scollard St. and at Studio Vogue Gallery at 274 Avenue Rd. until the end of July.

For more on Finkel’s work, visit her website at Artist hopes to reach people spiritually This painting is currently on display at artist Janna Finkel’s exhibit.

If you want to learn more about the courses that Janna Finkel teaches at Art One Academy please visit the art program section at our website or meet Janna in person on July 16th Open House between 7 and 8 pm.

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