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Rola Issa


Rola was born and raised in Lebanon. Her art education started at a young age when her father showed her his oil paintings on old pieces of wood.
Then she took art classes with a Lebanese artist and learned how to draw trees and nature. Rola did her first two drawings as a teen using pencil and charcoal.
One was an animal and the second was “Woman in Nature”.

Rola graduated from Lebanese American University (L.A.U.) which used to be Beirut University College (B.U.C.)

Rola loves children and believes that Art is so important for them because it builds their self esteem, confidence and gives them the chance to express themselves in different ways. They learn how to be creative. Art also helps with the eye hand coordination and activates the left side of their brain.
Children only need to learn the basics which are the elements and principles of art. Then all they need is an idea to ignite their creativity. Rola learned a lot of stuff from the students. They are so creative! Just give them materials and see the magic. Rola believes that there is an artist in every child. Art is healing; it teaches them to focus.