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Ada Leung


Ada has always adored art, taking classes since the age of 7. In 2006, Ada created her first portfolio and was accepted into the prestigious ARTS YORK program at Unionville High School. This program holds annual auditions and interviews, accepting only a few students per year.

After completing the 4-year program, Ada wanted to continue on her passionate artistic journey and created a second portfolio, with which she was accepted into OCAD University. Her program only accepts 40 students per year in all of Canada, but Ada
triumphed. Due to her high-achieving nature, Ada chose to complete a Major in Sculpture and Installation Arts; and a Minor in Drawing and Painting. In 2012, Ada won and received the OCADFA Harvey Townsend Memorial Scholarship Award. In addition to achieving a scholarship award, Throughout her 5 years at OCAD University, Ada has gained recognition and praise from many of her professors. Ada has exhibited her work at OCAD GradEX, OCAD figurative show, The Varley Art Gallery and Gallery 1313. Ada has a background in biomedical communication drawings and human anatomy
drawings. Also, she has specialized training and learned all her technique within the past 20 years. She has been teaching private art lessons for kids for 2 years and has also helped students prepare art portfolios for high school and university applications.