Tatyana Trunov

Being drawn to many things in the past, Tatyana (Tanya) believes her life experience prepared her to step on the mat in the role of a yoga instructor. Growing up in a diverse family of artists, scientists, teachers and doctors, Tanya realized that people are fundamentally connected in their longing for love, touch and personal expression. From a young age, she was actively involved in sports such as gymnastics, which gave her a foundation in balance, strength an flexibility needed in yoga practice. Tanya holds a Master of Education degree and sees herself in the service of teaching and helping others on their quest towards knowledge and self-betterment. Through her journey to become a yoga instructor, Tanya combines the wisdom of many amazing mentors from both the past and the present.
Besides formal yoga teacher training, Tanya has taken various courses on meditation and pranayama that perfectly compliment her continued growth as a yoga instructor. She brings wonderful energy to her yoga classes and passes this energy onto her students. In her other role as the Admin. Director of an art school, Tanya engages children in yoga between their art classes. She sees how continued yoga practice can help both adults and children with awareness, self-regulation and focus that can better their lives long after they roll up their yoga mats. This is a very rewarding experience.