Elena Yim

Elena Yim was born in Lima, Peru. She graduated from OCAD in the
Drawing and Painting Department, participating in the Florence
Off-Campus Program in her last year, and has also received a BFA
Honours in Art Education from Concordia University. After her studies,
she painted props for a glow in the dark mini-golf company, The
Putting Edge, and worked on murals and set design for the Phoenix
Concert Theatre.

Her own personal artwork is inspired by the body: photomicrographic
images of microorganisms that inhabit the body, the graceful movements
of the body, and the connection and interdependence between body and
nature. Her practice involves sketching, collecting, and photography.
She mainly paints with oils, acrylics, and inks, but also experiments
with materials such as fibres, wires, and found objects.

Elena finds pleasure in teaching children and believes a child’s self
confidence develops through stimulation, trust, exploration, and
dialogue. In her opinion, art making is not only about pretty
pictures, but thinking outside the box, delving into ones imagination,
and learning throughout the creative process. It is a skill to be used
in everyday life. Her love for art and her interest in working with
children lead her to Art One Academy, a great combination of both