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Art One Academy Markham 2020 Winter Camp

  • calendarNovember 16, 2020
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As the safety and health of our students and instructors remains our top priority, Art One Academy Markham implements the safety measures for every student enrolled in our Winter Camp.


  • Face covering

Students in Grades 4 (9 years old) and up will be required to wear non-medical or cloth masks. All instructors/staff will be wearing face shields or masks.

  • Self-screening

All staff and students must self-screen every day before they come to our studio. If a student or staff member is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, which can be found on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website: COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms , they must stay home and should seek testing and appropriate medical attention.

  • Pick up and Drop off limiting contact 

Limit to one parent/guardian to accompany students to the door. Any parent must be wearing a mask when stepping in the foyer of the studio. One family (parent and kids) must enter the studio at a time while the others are waiting outside.

Personal belongings brought to camp should be labeled. If brought to camp, personal items (e.g., backpack, clothing, water bottles, food, etc.) 

  • Students limit and allocation

            The social distancing will be maintained by limiting the number of students in a class. Two groups (cohorts) will be created for two separate areas:

 1) Red Room or Blue Room:   up to 6 students

2) Yellow Room:   up to 7 students.   

Our seating is arranged to allow 6’ distance between students. Every student will be assigned to the same place inside the room during their camp.

  • Emergency Room 

The blue room or a red room will be a designated space for students and staff. 

  • Personal Hygiene and Studio Sanitising 

Each room will be equipped with hand sanitizers, napkins. Staff is responsible to ensure students to practice hand hygiene and wash hands when coming to the room, before snack and lunch and various times during the day.

The washroom and the kitchen usage will be supervised by the staff and cleaned and disinfected frequently. Studio will be heavily cleaned daily. We will sanitize tables, chairs, art supplies, doorknobs, light switches, sinks, and washrooms during the day as frequently as needed. 

  • Meal and snacks

Each student brings his/her own packaged meal and snack, as well as a labelled water bottle.

No smocks or aprons will be used. Students should dress in something they don’t mind getting dirty or bring their own apron.   

Creative movements and yoga will be provided in the studio!  The same mat will be designated for each student for the whole week (or bring your own mat).

  • Individual Art Kit/Bin and Art Materials

Art One Academy Markham will supply disposable acrylic and watercolor paint, mix media paper and construction/tissue paper. Campers will use designated equipment and materials for craft projects. To keep art supplies sanitary, all students will be required to bring their own art kits or purchase from us. All bins will be individually labelled. The items in the art bin are those that students will be handling themselves or leave them in the studio for the camp length and take home afterwards.

  • Content of an Art Kit for one child (Price $35+HST):
  • Graphite Pencil (1)
  • Sharpener (1)
  • White gum eraser (1)
  • Colour Markers (12 set)
  • Colour Pencils (24 colors)
  • Set of Sharpies (2 set)
  • Set of 5 Artists Quality Nylon brushes
  • Oil Pastels (12 set)
  • Watercolor Crayons (12 set)
  • All-Purpose School Glue Stick (1)
  • Kids Scissors, Stainless Steel (1)
  • Transparent Bin (1)

Sibling Art Kit (Price $40+HST) will content some double tools (pencil, sharpener, gum, brushes, scissors, glue stick).

To register for our Winter Camp go to:

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By phone: 905 604 9395