Special Art Workshop for Children age 4 to 12

To extend our art curriculum with special art lessons  we offer two exiting workshops packed with fun activities.    You can bring your friends and or family members. Cost: $5 per child. Space is limited. Call 905-762-9393 to book your spot.

  1. Learn to draw Animals in Motion with charcoal pastel
  2. When: Saturday, Feb. 20th  Time: 4:45pm – 5:45pm

    Animals come in different shapes and colors, they move and live differently too – this is what makes this workshop both amazing yet challenging.  Not only will you learn to draw animals in motion you also find out tons of interesting animal facts.

     This workshop will boost your artistic skills in practically no time. Even if you are a complete beginner  you’ll master sketching, drawing, and coloring with the simple, step-by-step instructions.


  3. Draw your favorite Cartoon Character from Popular Movie and TV    
  4. When: Thursday, Feb. 18th   Time: 7pm – 8pm 

    Art One Academy welcomes kids age 5 to 14 to participate in Special Animation Workshop.
    It’s an hour of fun packed activities for any enthusiastic child who wants to learn the secrets of creating favorite Movie or TV characters and situations.  These classes are also perfect for anyone who might be looking to someday join the comic book, animation, video game, or movie industry as an artist.

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