Sneak Peek into Tanya’s Classroom!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give you an exclusive look into Tanya’s classroom here at Art One Academy! To start off, Tanya Chilova is currently teaching Art Combo 2, 3, Teens and Portfolio programs.

Tanya has been drawn to children’s natural love for creativity since the first class she led; she cherishes the opportunity to channel her learners’ talent and energy into an outlet that provides so much room for growth and exploration. Having herself benefitted from an arts-based education, Tanya enjoys watching her students mature into confident, competent artists.

Tanya’s classes are a balance between understanding, perfecting the specific techniques to complete each project and creative expression. She actively engages her students in each lesson, encourages team work and for each individual to be proud of each project they’ve completed.

During the Spring Term, some of Tanya’s Art Combo Teens students worked together to create a collaborative piece to support the new Mackenzie Health Hospital; which will be publicly displayed! See the photos below of some of her best students work:

Art Combo 2 and 3

Art Combo Teens and Portfolio


Tanya’s students enjoy and frequently benefit from the structure and engagement they receive from her classes. They are consistently motivated to become improved and well-rounded artists!


Don’t believe a word we’re saying? Register for Tanya’s classes and experience the magic of artistic transformation on your own.

Times and days are filling up quickly! We hope to see you in the Fall!

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