Watercolors Beginners / Advanced

  • Watercolors Beginners

Students will be introduced to the basic tools, watercolour palette, sable or fine acrylic brushes, various substrates on which to paint will be explored. Basic techniques are covered such as dry brush wet in wet and glazing. Subject matter will be derived from still life and photographic reference. When using photo reference I prefer the student actually take the photographs themselves, this is good practice for basic composition. I would encourage students to explore their imaginations. At the end of the program there should be several completed pieces in a variety of genres.

  • Watercolors Advanced

The student should have a firm grasp of the basic techniques in order to get the most out of this class. There will be a deeper exploration into the imagination emphasizing art as a philosophical approach to the way we choose the paths we take and the decisions we make. Paintings that are created in this course should assist the student in finding their voice as an artist. Watercolours just as any other medium are merely a structure on which to build the student’s artistic character. Topics for paintings could range from statements about our social climate to personal discovery to “infinity” and what its ramifications are in our lives

Instructor: Alan Rutherford

Class Duration: 2 hours

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