Summer Camp 2015 RH North (Bayview)

Week 1 (July 6th- 10th)

Junior Group: Our favorite Disney Movies
Nemo, Snow white, 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid and others. Draw and paint the characters from the famous Disney movies and have fun playing different rolls!

Senior Group: Learn from the Masters (Art History Week)
Every day of this week students learn about the life and work of a different famous artist. Students then create their own masterpiece inspired by the Master. Artist history and different art techniques further the students’ understanding and appreciation for art.

Week 2 (July 13th- 17th) 

Junior Group: Inuit Art
Discover the magical world of Inuit by learning about their myth and legends, listening to their songs, creating the art and playing the old games!

Senior Group: Exploring Arts Media
Students will become familiar with different media while producing fine art projects and some unique crafts. The participants will have the opportunity to expend their creativity in a happy welcoming environment.


Week 3 (July 20th- 24th) 

Junior Group: Famous Artists Inspire Us
Be ready to have some artistic fun with the help of some of history’s most famous and beloved artists. Let Van Gogh, Degas, Da Vinci, Chagall, Mondrian or Kandinsky motivate you to create stunning art work everyone will be proud of! In studio we will watch short videos about famous artists.

Senior Group: Find Your Style of Painting
Children will learn various styles, such as realism, abstract, impressionism, using acrylic, watercolour, ink, on a variety of surfaces. Projects will range from portraits to still life, encouraging self-expression.

Week 4 (July 27th- 31st) 

Junior Group: First Nations Art
Feel the past come to life as the stories of the hunt are told in paintings and drawings. Feel the rhythms of the drums. Grasp the delicate balance of preserving traditional culture in a modern world.

Senior Group: Sketch to Draw
Students will learn how to capture the essence of a subject in a sketch and how to use sketching as the basis for a drawing. Projects will include: portraiture, nature studies, landscape, cartooning. Drawings will be brought to life through value, line, contrast and perspective.

Week 5 (August 4th- 7th) 

Junior Group: Art and Nature
The whole world is your canvas! Campers will learn about the natural environment through a range of exiting art projects that include painting and drawing wild animals, building animal habitats creating small sculptures.

Senior Group: Wildlife Art

Students learn to develop the drawing and painting techniques necessary to render their favorite animals – how to capture form, mood, movement and texture in an animal.

Week 6 (August 10th- 14th) 

Junior Group: Art and Science
Art and Science make a great combination! Some of the most fascinating and leading edge creations emerge when 2 different field of study come together. Each day kids will be involved in making experiments & observation which is a very important aspect of the learning process.

Senior Group: Decorative Painting
During this week students will use pre-made patterns and various techniques to apply acrylic paint onto a wood piece or other surface. Drawing skills and painting experience are not essential.

 Week 7 (August 17th- 21st)

Junior Group: All about me
Explore yourself. What kind of person are you? If you had to choose colours or the subjects to describe your personality, or the one you want to have, what would they be? During this week kids will try to discover who they really are.

Senior Group: Experiments in Abstraction
Let go of rules! This abstract painting week covers a variety of projects inspiring participants to play and to find their own personal style, while experimenting with colour theory, value contrasts, composition and much more.

Week 8 (August 24th- 28th) 

Junior Group: Art and Literature

Very interesting and engaging books we’ve chosen to inspire our young artists. The new book every day features fantastic illustrations using different media. Pie in the Sky by Lois Ehlert uses watercolour and collage, Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton features tempera paint, chalk and collage. You are the illustrator!

Senior Group: From Sketching to 3D.
Students will explore various techniques of sketching, painting and some three-dimensional media. This week will stress the fundamental skills while encouraging creative expression.

Week 9 (August 31st- September 4th) 

Junior Group and Senior Group:  Camp Week of Summers Past
Children will go back in time to re-create previous Summer Camp’s most loved projects! During this week, students will paint and draw using different media: acrylic, watercolour, oil and soft pastel and creating collages.




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