Pencil Drawing Classes – Beginners / Advanced

  • Pencil Drawing Classes – Beginners

This course will be exploring basic drawing techniques such as shading, light source, and how these variables affect texture and depth. Simple still life compositions will be utilized in the beginning to enable this process, followed by more advanced textural effects. Gradients studies will be used to help the student gain a greater insight into the use of the weight of their hand. Eventually developing a light touch, which will permit the student to achieve dynamic tonal qualities using only an HB pencil. Several complete drawings will be completed by the end of the term.

  • Pencil Drawing Classes – Advanced

It is strongly advised that pencil for beginners is completed before attempting this course. Students should have a strong basic knowledge of this medium. Discovering what kind of subject matter intrigues you and the way in which you portray that subject matter is in essence the very thing that defines you as an artist. One of the best ways I have found for artists to realize their creative path is through the utilization of philosophy when making a creative decision. Philosophers look at both sides of a given challenge before taking a path of action. When you create a piece of art in this way the very piece itself can become an answer not only to you but to someone else who may be facing a similar challenge. This course takes you beyond drawing technique and into the very heart of what makes creativity work, not only physically but also mentally.
Instructor: Alan Rutherford

Class Duration: 2 hours

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