Pastel Drawing Beginners / Advanced

  • Pastel Drawing Beginners

Chalk pastels will be used exclusively in this course, oil pastels will not be used. Use of colour basic composition blending and glazing techniques will be explored. Starting with simple objects the student will learn how the use of light creates a great deal of interest in a composition and how through light we are exposed to textures, shadows and highlights. The understanding of these phenomena will enable the student to create three dimensional effects giving the illusions that we know as art, all the more credibility. The use of photographs is acceptable but it is advised that the student take their own reference shots. Several pieces of work will be completed during the term.

  • Pastel Drawing Advanced

It is advisable that the student has completed pastels for beginners before taking this course. I will be introducing the student to more abstract yet no less demanding series of painting challenges. Finding and developing ones own style, as an artist is paramount. Imagination will be at the forefront of these exercises there will be an emphasis on using art as a means of philosophical development and a life tool for exploring both sides of any given topic. A picture is worth ten thousand words so why not say it in a painting? Abstract need not mean the piece is non objective but simply that it is metaphoric in nature.
Instructor: Alan Rutherford

Class Duration: 2 hours

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