Comics and Animation for Teens

  • Manga for Teens

Animation and comic books from Japan have taken the world by storm! This incredible drawing program will introduce students to what makes anime (ah-nee-may) and manga (mah-n-gah) so special as they create their own characters and write their own stories.

Manga is an extremely popular, widely available form of art with a deep culture. It can be about any topic imaginable, from super heroes to everyday dramas, and everyone reads them! Now, a wide array of manga can be found at just about any bookstore around the world. Through this program, students will explore the rich storytelling possibilities that can be found in manga, further their drawing abilities, and gain expert illustration skills to make their characters and situations into fully developed pages of manga artwork.

Duration: 2 hour


  • Character Design for Comics and Animation (Level I & II)

Discover an entire universe of characters and stories that’s waiting for you inside your imagination! In this drawing program, students will learn the structure of figure drawing as they create their own diverse range of characters, outfit them with costumes, equip them with props, and develop a world for them to live in.

Students will learn how their favourite comic books and cartoons are brought to life as they visualize their own characters using the same techniques as the professionals.

Duration: 1.5 hour


  • Computer Illustration

From comic books to video games to Hollywood movies, most commercial art these days involves using a computer at some point in the process, making computer skills crucial for many artists.

In this exciting program, students will draw, color, paint, and create right into a computer using our provided Windows systems and digital pen tablets. Put a computerized spin on important art basics such as light, shadow, and texture while learning production techniques on industry standard software.

A program unlike any other, this course serves as a great introduction into the world of digital art and is perfect for any young artist who is interested in comic book colouring, fantasy art, or concept design for film and games.

Duration: 2 hour


Instructor: Fred Galang


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