Make-up Classes Policy

Art One Academy encourages students do not miss classes without a valid reason. We are committed to provide quality instructions and we follow a special program to achieve best results.

Excessive number of make up classes disrupts program as teacher’s attention needs to be divided between all the different assignments. In addition teacher expands and concentrates on the topic of each lesson for the entire group. With many make up classes in place the child is not benefiting fully from the lesson because the rest of the children are doing another assignment. Children learn from each other in one whole group experience.

Therefore only two make up classes will be allowed during each term that should be scheduled during the same term. For any missed classes  please give us prior notice either by phone 905-237-9278 or e-mail at  As offering makeup classes depends on space availability we cannot guarantee that the class time you desire for a makeup class will be available.

We hope that you understand and support our make up classes policy since it eventually leads to better learning environment and greater results.

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