Natalia Gamaley

Natalia Gamaley is a fine artist, illustrator and photographer living, working and studying in Richmond Hill, Ontario. From a young age Natalia has loved drawing and painting, her favourite subjects being wildlife and nature.

Natalia received her Bachelor of Art and Design at OCAD University. There, she studied illustration under various professional artists and designers, who have helped shape the way she expresses herself.

Her favourite mediums to work in are watercolour and acrylics. Natalia has worked at various children’s summer camps and programs at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the city of Richmond Hill. 

She believes that art is a safe way for students to express themselves and develop their visual communication skills. Art teaches self-confidence, and gives students an opportunity to explore and embrace the world around them.

Natalia’s favourite part of teaching is giving her knowledge and skill to students and watching them grow and develop over time, creating their own personal style and passion for art.  Every artwork is as unique as its creator. There is no right or wrong in the making of art and the only mistakes you can make are happy mistakes.