Irene Pozdnyakova

While being a University student, I”d hear the statement that the mankind created just 5 ways to express  itself: through the letter, number, movement, sound and color. I am deeply sure, that if we give to a child all these 5 instruments,(s) he can grow up as a self-reliant and creative person.

The color always attracted my attention: in drawing, painting, craft, embroidery. I like to observe the colours transparency, contrast. Watercolour and soft pastel are my favorite techniques.

After graduating in Ukraine and getting Bachelor (Master) of Ed diploma, I worked for almost 20 years in Ukraine, Poland, USA.

In 2010 I moved to Toronto. And at the same year I started to work in Art One Academy. I like to work with  kids, help them to discover their artistic potential and focus their creativity. After a break (2012-2014, when I worked at Academy for Math and English) I am glad to have opportunity to be back in the joyful and friendly atmosphere of Art One Academy.