Anya Mielniczek

Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto based artist working in various forms of art creation and facilitation since graduating from Queen’s University in 2012. Having received traditional training in her undergrad, Anya’s interest and curiosity in materials as literal as garbage bits and love for all mediums including: graphite, acrylic paint, resin, watercolour, aerosol, and marker commonly make-up pieces in the artists heavily media mixed portfolio. 

She’s pursued local and international residencies, exhibiting work in solo and group shows and exhibitions in Toronto and abroad. Seasonal shifts in style and design are a literal connection to the emotional environment, time and place Mielniczek responds too, collectively her art is a continuous flow of experiments reflecting current interests, and explorations connected to themes surrounding human nature and emotion primarily through portraiture.

Her passion for the environment has also lead Mielniczek to explore effects of human consumption through material collage and installations. Representations of native plants, pollinators, endangered species, climate change and plastic pollution have all been sources of inspiration, most recently in mural and public art forms.

The artist has assisted, lead, taught and managed programming with both youth and adults of various ages with such organizations as Mural Routes, Art Starts, Vibe, the TDSB, Cultural Hotspot and StART. She is thrilled to now be joining the Art One Academy team, as an AC2 instructor as well as other classes and initiatives.